The Harmar Stairlift Received 4 out of 5 Stars!
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Harmar Vantage Stairlifts Review

The Harmar Vantage Stairlift is the younger brother to the Harmar Pinnacle Stairlift.  The Pinnacle Stairlift is a very expensive stairlift that really does not have anymore features or benefits over the Vantage.  We chose to review the Vantage over the Pinnacle because of the price point.  If anyone would like us to do a review on the Pinnacle please fill out a contact form and we will be happy to do a complete review.  The Vantage Stairlift by Harmar is a good stairlift.  Please read our review of the Vantage Stairlift below.

Step #1 Review of Harmar Vantage Stairlifts from a Harmar Dealers View 

We were able to find hundreds of Harmar dealers located all over the United States and even in most major foreign countries.  Most of the dealers that we contacted were very happy with the Harmar Vantage Stairlift.  It seems as a whole the dealers were happy with the quality, but didn’t think the design was a home run.  They told us the unit was a good, inexpensive stairlift that rarely has any issues.  They did complain about the installation and said that the Acorn and Brooks units were definitely easier to install.  We will cover more of that info in our technical review.  The biggest problem that some of the companies had with Harmar and the Vantage was that some large online retailers such as Amerglide and Jameson Medical are private labeling the product and selling it direct to the consumer.  These customers don’t really know what they are getting and it is causing customers to be confused.  We went online and tried to price these stairlifts on some of the online retailers.  The problem is when you start the shopping process the price is very affordable just like their ads say.  Unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way.  By the time we went through the entire shopping experience the lift had almost doubled in price.  Talk about a bait and switch.  We did find some internet companies that don’t play these bait and switch tactics.  If you would like more information about the retailers that stick to their pricing fill out a contact form and we will send you a list of honest straight forward companies.

Step #2 Technician Review Harmar Vantage Stairlifts

The Harmar Vantage Stairlift is a solid stairlift.  Based on the three techs that we interviewed all of them thought the quality was great.  Once the stairlift is in and working it does not require a lot of maintenance.  The majority of the technicians said the install was not as easy as an Acorn or Brooks Stairlift, but it was not difficult it just took about an hour more.  The only aspect of the Vantage that the techs did not like was the trouble shooting.  Stairlifts like the Brooks stairlift or Acorn Stairlift have a code readout on the carriage of the lift.  The Vantage uses a little light on the armrest.  The issue with this is that one color could mean five different problems.  The only issue with this is if you need service you have to have a tech come out to do service.  Products like the Brooks Stairlift you can read the code and know the issue.  Most of the time the techs said that on a Brooks model they can just call in and the unit might just need a simple reset so you don’t have to pay for a service visit.  Overall the techs did like the Vantage stairlift just not as much as the Brooks Stairlift.

Step #3 Seniors Review of Harmar Vantage Stairlifts

We were able to contact three Seniors that owned the Vantage Stairlift.  Each of the customers liked their stairlift and said they have had very few issues with the lift.  They did say that the troubleshooting light was not easy to use and one of them had already paid for a service visit in the first year.  Overall they said the product was comfortable and easy to use.  They all felt that the price was fair and they pretty much all paid the same amount for the Vantage Stairlift.  One of the customers did say if they had to do it all over again they would have bought something with better troubleshooting diagnostics like the Brooks Stairlift.  They said it would have saved them a $200 service visit.

Step #4 Overall Review by Senior Reviews Harmar Vantage Stairlift

Overall the Vantage Stairlift by Harmar seems to be a good buy.  If you are a consumer that only buys American made product then this is the stairlift for you.  The only issue you found with this lift was the troubleshooting if you have a service issue.  Other than that all of the techs and customers thought it was a great stairlift at a good price.  Senior Reviews gives the Harmar Vantage Stairlift 4 out of 5 stars.  Please feel free to fill out a contact form if you would like to know where we found the best price on the Harmar Vantage Stairlift.