Seniors Reviews Stairlifts

Reviews for Seniors chose to review stairlifts as our first review because we unfortunately had heard this is a product that a lot of seniors get taken advantage of when making the purchasing decision.  We found hundreds of fake reviews along with complaints from customers that were unfortunately misinformed on how the business works.  We really wanted to set out to show the consumer a true review that gives you a nice round review that touches on all of the parts a consumer would want when making a purchase.


We decided to pick three of the most popular products in the world.  These three brands are Acorn Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, and the Pinnacle Stairlift by Harmar.  Please highlight your mouse over stairlift and chose which review you would like to read.  As always feel free to contact us for pricing info that we don’t list in the review.  It’s simple fill out the form below and ask us for the lowest price we found in our research.  If you want a review done on another brand of stairlift feel free to fill out the form below as well.

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