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These folks know their stuff! I just wish they had more reviews. I’d use them for every purchase.
Ralph Stein
I’m glade someone cares. This site gives good reviews with no biased. I sent them a review request and 10 days later it was on the site. Cheers
M O'Rourke
Amazing info, please read these reviews before you purchase any of the products. This site saved us $3000 on one item. Thank you reviews for seniors
Barbara Wilkins
My Mom needed a stairlift ASAP. There is a lot of info on the web about stairlifts. (ex. stairlifts for $999) I thought most of these online retailers were trying to bait and switch my poor Mom. I googled seniors reviews and I’m glade I did. I found a great stairlift at a good price. I wish every review site was this upfront with info.
J Edwards
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