Seniors Reviews has decided to review the top stairlift brands.  We have compiled hours of info in a short easy to reed review that will get you the best bang for your buck along with getting you the info on the best quality stairlift available today.  Please feel free to email us at or call us at 828.244.7844 with any questions about our review.  As always we used our four step review process that really gives you an in-depth review even from an endusers point of view.

Stairlift Reviews:

Acorn Stairlift-

Brooks Stairlift-

Harmar Stairlift-

Seniors Reviews also looks at the point of view of the dealer servicing the product and even the technician who really has to put their hands on the unit in the field.  By asking the tough questions to both the dealer and the technicians you really get a sense of the quality of the lift.

Seniors are then asked to give us their opinion on the unit based on their personal experience after owning the stairlift.  These seniors are straight forward on their stairlift review because they use them on a daily basis.

Finally we do an overall review of the stairlift and then try and find you the best price along with the best service.  It’s not always best to purchase from the lowest cost seller especially online.  So we review the sellers and their overall cost for the units.  At the request of the manufacturer we don’t post this info on the website, but you can email us or fill out one of our contact forms and we are happy to share this info with you.  Please let us know if you know of another senior product that you would like reviewed.