Our Process

Seniors Reviews is your website for all senior product reviews.  These reviews are not like most sites that are only reviewed by a reporter or biased blogger.  Instead, Senior Reviews uses a combination of product information from manufacturers,  industry leaders, technicians and more importantly, customers just like you; seniors that actually have used the product and have unbiased reviews to help likeminded seniors make informed purchasing decisions.  Below we are going show you in detail the three ways we arrive at our review data.  At the end of each review we give you an overall score for the product averaging the three segments that we review as well as give you a low, average, and high price for the product.  We also have the ability to send you more information on a product that interests you.



  • Step #1 Review of Manufacturer by Dealer
  • Step #2 Review by Technicians
  • Step #3 Senior Reviews by Seniors
  • Final Step Overall Score for Product and Lowest and Highest Price

Step #1 Review of Manufacturer by Dealer

In this first section we poll dealers on how the manufacturer rates in quality control and customer service.  While this may not seem important to an end user, it is the dealer that must provide service after the sale. The dealer wants a reliable product and a happy customer. Dealers track warranty issues and parts availability.  If a customer has an issue with a product and replacement parts are hard to find the manufacturer can receive a low rating in our reviews.  You could wait weeks or maybe even months for your equipment or product to be fixed.  Pay very close attention to this section.  Most dealers are very honest with us because they have no reason to not give us the correct information.  We chose our dealer reviewers very carefully based on happy customers and reliable service.

Step #2 Review by Technicians

This is our favorite review of the product.  There is no one more trusting then the people who either put the product together, work on it in the field, and or see’s every positive and negative about a product day in day out.  We ask very specific questions requested by seniors and by dealers that they feel would help someone make a responsible purchasing decision.  Feel free to send us an email or fill out our contact form to ask any questions that you feel would be helpful.  We are always looking for more questions to ask the pro’s.

Step #3 Senior Reviews by Seniors

Your opinion matters and we want to hear about your experiences. Think of it as a chat across the backyard fence telling a neighbor about something you have purchased.  Through Seniors Reviews, your likes and dislikes are now shared with seniors across the country. Personal experiences coupled with dealer and technical insight makes an informed buying decision easy and comforting.  We even have an ask a Senior Reviewer section.  Fill out the contact form and we will submit your question to our senior panel.

Step #4 Overall Score for Product and Lowest and Highest Price

At the end of every review we average the scores  and give you an overall rating  from 1-100 on the product that interests you.  We also give you very valuable data on the lowest and highest price we found.  Please feel free to email or submit a contact form if you would like to know what the best price we found was on the product that you are interested in.  We use encrypted forms so your personal information is safe with us.

If you have questions about any step or would like us to review a product that is not listed on the website, please use the convenient contact form.  We are always looking for new and exciting senior products that can help you around the house or even help you with your mobility.  Please understand that our reviews are very detailed and take us weeks to complete.  We do do our very best to get to every request.

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