About Seniors Reviews

About Us

Seniors Reviews was born for one reason only.  We felt there was too much misinformation about senior products on the internet.  We wanted to create a safe user friendly website that seniors could use to help make informed purchasing decisions on anything from a small $10 purchase to a large $10,000 purchase.  We review items that seniors want reviewed.  We started with items that we felt were the most important; products that were not wants but necessities.  These products are typically items that you need to improve mobility in your home.  After reviewing some of these products we realized that this was unique and needed in the senior market place.  We focus mainly on products that we feel have a lot of misinformation on the web.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like a new product reviewed.  Seniors Reviews wants everyone to live a safe, happy, informed, stress free retirement.  Email us today with any questions info@seniorsreviews.com.

Products we are reviewing!

Stairlifts 80% of the market
Custom Stairlifts 70% of the market
Walk In Tubs 65% of the market
Emergency Alert Devices 60% of the market