The Acorn Stairlift Received 4 out of 5 Stars!
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Acorn Stairlifts Review

Acorn Stairlifts is one of the most recognized brands in stairlifts today.  Acorn stairlifts advertises on television daily and has brought nationwide recognition to the brand and also to stairlifts in general.  What most people don’t know about Acorn stairlifts is that they not only sell to the end user or the customer, but they also sell to a nationwide dealer network.  In most cases we found that the consumer can get a better price by purchasing from a dealer rather than from Acorn direct.  Acorn stairlifts also has a second brand that they sell called the Brooks.  We did extensive research on both models and found that the Brooks stairlift is the exact same stairlift except it is a slightly different color (beige) compared to the Acorn (gray).  The internal parts are identical and most of the time we found the Brooks stairlift was much more affordable.  If you have a question about pricing send us an email below and we will send you the info we found on pricing.  Below is our four step review of the Acorn Stairlift.  We also added a review for the Brooks stairlift as well.  Click on this link to view our Brooks Stairlift.   Brooks Stairlift Review

Step #1 Review of Acorn Stairlifts from an Acorn Dealers View 

We contacted three Acorn Stairlifts dealers and found the same response from each of the companies.  Each dealer had nothing bad to say about the Acorn Stairlift product.  In fact they praised the product saying that it and the Brooks Stairlift are two of the best stairlifts on the market today.  They pointed out that consumers have two options – purchase from Acorn directly or purchase from a local authorized Acorn dealer.  When deciding who to purchase an Acorn Stairlift from, consumers need to consider price and warranty in addition to future service responsiveness and cost.  Acorn dealers carry the same exact stairlift as Acorn direct.  The strangest part of our review of the Acorn Stairlift dealers was the pricing as all of the customers we contacted had paid different amounts.  Want the best price that we found?  Send us an email request below and we will send you the info.

Step #2 Technician Review of Acorn Stairlifts

The technician review of the Acorn Stairlift was pretty fun.  We contacted three companies including the manufacturer and requested a service.  Two of the companies that were not Acorn Stairlifts, but dealers of Acorn Stairlifts said they could get to us the same day. Next we decided to call three more Acorn techs and get the rundown on the product.  These technicians don’t just work on Acorn Stairlifts.  They work on all major brands including the Brooks Stairlift.  Each tech had nothing but great things to say about the Acorn Stairlift and Brooks Stairlift.  They first informed us again that they are the exact same unit.   The techs said that once the Acorn Stairlift goes in it rarely has any issues.  Basic maintenance every 2-3 years such as new batteries or lubricating the steel track.  We did ask about the board inside the unit.  We found a bunch of websites online saying the Acorn Stairlift has major issues with their boards and when they go bad it can cost you an arm and a leg.  The techs said the Acorn stairlift actually has less issues with boards than other brands.  One tech who has installed hundreds of units said he has only replaced one board in 5 years.  The tech said some technicians will replace the board without trouble shooting the real issue because they are not experienced enough.  So I guess the lesson here is make sure you use a reputable company with trained technicians.  Overall the Acorn Stairlift was very well liked by all of the technicians that we spoke to.  They also told us whatever you do, do not buy an extended warranty.  They said the product is so good that you are just throwing your money away.

Step #3 Seniors Review of Acorn Stairlifts

We found three seniors that own an Acorn Stairlift.  All three owners were very happy with their Acorn Stairlift.  Each one had nothing bad to say about the Acorn Stairlift.  The units were all running smoothly and none of them had any tech issues except for standard maintenance.  The strangest thing we found out form all three was the discrepancy between the amount they all paid for the product.  You would think that all three paid about the same for the product.  The moral of the story here is do your research on pricing.  Just because you are buying direct from the manufacturer doesn’t mean you are getting the best price.  If you want to know were we found the best price send us an email request below and we will forward you the information.  Literally it will save you thousands.

Step #4 Overall Review by Senior Reviews of Acorn Stairlift

Overall the Acorn Stairlift and Brooks Stairlift are top quality stairlifts.  They have a modern design with great quality and an even better track record of being hassle free after they are installed.  Even though the pricing of the Acorn Stairlift was not consistent, you can still find it at a great price if you do your research.  One of the Senior reviewers actually had a unit that was 15 years old and was still running strong.  The only work she had done to the unit was to change the batteries.  Overall Senior Reviews gives the Acorn Stairlift a 4 out of 5 stars.  We would have given it a 5 out of 5 like we did the Brooks except we were not happy about the higher pricing generally found on the Acorn Stairlift compared to the Brooks.  Do yourself a favor and request our pricing info below.  It will save you thousands of dollars.  Make sure you let us know what product you want the pricing info on in your request.  Just a side note, when talking with the technicians they did ask us to add that the Acorn Stairlift straight stairlift is very different than the Acorn Custom Stairlift.  They said the Acorn Stairlift that is straight is a solid lift that has very few issues.  The Acorn Custom Stairlift is a whole different animal that must go around curves and negotiate different angles.  We have decided to review the Acorn Custom Stairlift in a future Senior Review.  Please check back with us in the coming weeks for the Acorn Custom Stairlift.

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